Suspense accounts

Suspense Accounts

Setting up a Suspense Account

When you register to use Landweb direct over the internet, you will be give the opportunity to set up one or more suspense accounts for your organisation. You can send in a cheque to set up the initial balance of the account and supply details of all staff you would like to have access to the account.  You will also be asked to select the type of services which should be available when paying by that account.  For example, you might choose to set up a Suspense Account which can only be used to pay for Registry of Deeds services.
If you are using a Suspense Account on behalf of an organisation, there may be a number of other users within your organisation who also have access to the account - they may be using the system at the same time as you.

Using a Suspense Account

There are a number of safeguards in place to ensure that users of a Suspense account are given sufficient notice that their credit balance is running low.  When an account is set up, you will be asked to set a ‘warning balance’ and supply an email address for an account 'administrator'. 

Each time your account balance is reduced to pay for a chargeable transaction, the Checkout screen will appear to inform you of the charge made.  This screen shows your account details, including the current balance.  If the chargeable transaction you have requested will take your account balance below the minimum level, you will be warned that your balance is low, although you will be allowed to proceed with the transaction.  An email will be sent to your suspense account manager, warning that the account balance is low and that a top-up is required.
•    If you do not have sufficient credit on your account to continue with the chargeable transaction you have requested, a message will be displayed informing you that you cannot proceed.  An email will be sent to your suspense account manager, informing that the account must be credited before chargeable transactions can be performed.

Topping up a Suspense Account

Suspense accounts can be topped up online by any user of the account.  Use the 'My Account' menu option to access the 'My Payment Methods' screen.  Each suspense account will be listed and you will have the option to 'Top up account via card'.  This option takes you to the BT Buynet payment portal, and you can top-up the account balance by debit or credit card.  An email will be sent to the suspense account manager, informing them that a top-up has been made.  The system does not limit the value you can add via this method, but your card provider or bank may have their own limits.

A report listing Suspense account top-ups is available (via the 'Reports' menu) to nominated users within your organisation.