Signing in and Security

Internet use
All internet users must sign in using a password and characters of a memorable word.  On registering for LWD, a token will be sent via email, allowing you to set your own password and memorable word.
If you have previously used LWD but have not yet set up a memorable word, a token will be sent via email, allowing you to create one.
The first time you sign in, you must read and accept the Terms and Conditions displayed.  If the Terms and Conditions of use are updated at any point, you must review and accept to continue using LWD.

Public Counter users
Logging in at the Public Counter machines is via username and password only – memorable word login is not required.  A specific Public Counter account is required for these machines – please see LPS staff for details.

Rules for setting a new password
•    Minimum length:  6 characters
•    Maximum length: 16 characters
•    Must not contain any spaces
•    Must not contain three consecutive characters the same
•    Must not be the same as your existing password.
•    Must not be the same as your username
•    Should contain at least one non-alphabetic character (either a number or .  This could be a number, or a 'special' character
•    If you have recently used the new password you select, you will be asked to choose again.

Rules for setting a new memorable word
•    Minimum length:  8 characters
•    Maximum length: 16 characters
•    Can be any combination of letters, numbers or special characters