Selecting folios for use in your Case Folder

Selecting Folios for Use in your Case Folder Using the View/Add Screen

When will you see this screen?

  • When you first create a case folder and indicate that your transaction(s) will use existing folio(s), you will be directed to this screen.

  • The Case Folder screen contains a panel 'Folio(s) selected for this Case Folder' and the <Add/Remove Folio>button will bring you to this screen at any time.

  • Within any transactions which require selection of one more existing folios (eg Transfer/Transfer of Part), you will be shown a list of the folios selected on this screen, along with a link allowing you to revisit this screen and select further folios for use in the current case folder.

Searching for a folio

Only the numeric part of the folio number (i.e. no prefix or suffix) is required in the “Folio Number” field since the system will find all variations of the entered number.

Folios returned from search

  • Any registered owner names will be shown in your search results, or by clicking on the '+' button beside the county name. Note that only folios with a status of 'Active' will have registered owner names available.
  • Where the folio is in Draft status, clicking on '+' will display the following message, “This folio is a draft and has no owners listed”.  You can select the folio and you will be prompted to enter owner name(s) within the transaction(s), if required.

Changing folio owner names

The name(s) shown here have been supplied from the index of names (the Names Register).

Should you wish to correct a spelling error on the index (due to Registry error), you should add a Rectification of Registry Error transaction to your Case Folder.
For any other name change required on the folio, or where the name of the person signing a Draft Form does not match that currently shown on the folio, you should add an 'Update Registered Owner Details' transaction to your case folder.

New folios created by transactions in this case folder

  • New folios will be created by various transactions within a case folder.  Whenever new folios are created, they are then available for use by other transactions within that case folder.
  • Transactions which use existing folios all display a list of available folios for selection.  This list will include any selected on the 'View/Add folio(s)' screen, plus any new folios created by other transactions in this case folder.  These will be shown as ‘New Folio 1, New Folio 2’ etc, as a true folio number cannot be allocated by the Registry until your application has been submitted.
  • To view details of the transaction which created a new folio, click on the folio itself when it is shown in the list available for selection.  The information shown will depend on the type of transaction which created the new folio:
  1. Clicking on a new folio created by a First Registration will display a new window containing a draft version of the Form 1/LD1 for the transaction which created the folio.
  2. Clicking on a new folio created by a Transfer/Transfer of Part will display a new window containing a draft version of the Form 9, 10 or 11 for the transaction which created the folio.
  3. Clicking on a new folio created by an Assent by a Personal Representative will display a new window containing a draft version of the Form 17 for the transaction which created the folio.  If the assent has created several holdings of land owned by different people, look at the 'Holdings' section of the form to determine which specific holding is related to this new folio.
  4. Clicking on a new folio created by a secondary transaction will display a new window advising you of the ID of the transaction, and the type of transaction linked to the folio.  If you have several transactions of that type in the case folder, and wish to review the details, visit the Case Folder screen, and the Transaction Id in question will be shown in the left hand column, allowing you to open and review the relevant transaction, if required.