The type of reports available to you will depend on whether or not you have been set up to receive the full set of financial transaction reports for your organisation.  

If you are using Landweb direct on behalf of an organisation, you must be a designated 'Reports Generator' to request a record of transactions for all users registered for your organisation.  This permission can only be granted by the LPS Helpdesk.

If you do not have permission to run reports on activity by other users in your organisation, you can only report on your own transactions, via the 'Transactions for selected user' report.

Some reports allow you to include 'Non-chargeable transactions'.  There are many transactions within Landweb Direct which do not incur a fee - such as searching for a folio (you would only be charged to actually view the folio).  These transactions can still be included in reports, to allow you to fully track the searches you have undertaken.

All reports can be exported to PDF or Comma Separated Value files (for use in spreadsheets).

Organisation Report by User: Lists all of the chargeable transactions completed within the date range you specify, in user order. 

Organisation Report by Account: Lists all of the chargeable transactions completed within the date range you specify, in account order.  The report can be limited to show only transactions paid for by a specific account type - for example, show only credit card activity.

Organisation Report by User Reference:  Each time you carry out a chargeable transaction within Landweb direct, the Checkout screen appears and gives you the opportunity to enter your own 'User transaction reference' by which you can identify your transaction.  This report lists all chargeable transactions completed within the date range you specify, grouped by the User Reference you have entered on the Charge Advice screen.  You can also narrow this report to show only transactions matching a User Reference you specify.    Landweb Direct will apply a wildcard to the user reference you specify, returning transactions relating to other similar references.  This is to ensure mistyped references, or those with additional spaces, are not omitted from the report.

Transactions for selected user: can be run by any user to report on their own activity within a 35 day reporting period they define.  Users with the reporting role can select from a list of users within their organisation.

Online top-ups for suspense account:  shows all online top-ups made for Suspense Accounts used by your organisation.  This report can be run for any period of time (other report types cover a maximum 35 day period).