Working with Rejected or Abandoned Case Folders

Working with Rejected or Abandoned Case Folders

Important: The procedure outlined below does NOT apply to Priority Search applications. Click here for information on how your Priority Search application is processed.

When you have completed and submitted a case folder to the Registry, it will be processed on receipt of your signed documentation and payment.    

Problems with your submitted Case Folder such as missing payment or documentation will cause the Registry to reject your application.   

Land Registers may also abandon your application if the Registry does not receive the payment/signed documents within the permitted time period.

All Rejected or Abandoned applications will be displayed at the top of your list of Case Folders with a status of ‘Rejected’ or ‘Abandoned’.

Opening a Rejected or Abandoned case folder will return the status of the folder to ‘In Progress’.

On the Case Folder screen, the reason for rejection or abandonment will be shown at the top of the screen.

You will need to progress through the following steps again in order to resubmit the rejected/abandoned folder to Land Registers:

  • Revisit any transactions that may have been highlighted as the cause of the problem, and revise the information/choices entered previously.
  • Generate new Forms for any Transfer/Transfer of Part/First Registration/Assent by Personal Representative transactions that have changed since you reopened the case folder.
  • If all transactions show ‘Complete’ or ‘Form Created’ and no further changes are required, follow the option to Submit the case folder.
  • A new Form 100E will be created for your resubmitted application and placed in the Case Folder Progress and Documents area.  You must print this new Form and send to the Registry with the documentation and payment, as the old version produced for the rejected application will no longer be valid.