Priority Searches

Key features of E-Registration Priority Search Applications

  • It is possible to create the Priority Search Form within an E-Registration Case Folder, and submit this online.  
  • E-Registration generates a completed Form 100 E, and a completed Priority Search Form as part of the submission process. You will also be asked to upload any maps relating to the Priority Search.
  • Signatures are not required for the Priority Search form or Form 100E, therefore the usual requirement to print, sign and post completed E-Registration applications to Land Registers does NOT apply to Priority Search applications.
  • Payment for a Priority Search application will be taken from your selected payment method (Suspense Account or Debit/Credit card).
  • You will be advised via email when your application has been processed - results will be available to view within your E-Registration Case Folder.


Creating a Case Folder for a Priority Search Application

  • When you create a Case Folder within E-Registration, you will be asked if this is a Priority Search application, allowing you to create a Case Folder containing a single Priority Search relating to a single Folio.
  • As with standard Case Folders, you will be asked to supply a reference for your case folder. This reference is free text and you may use any format you wish, although it is recommended that you use a unique identifier that links back to your in-house filing system. The reference you allocate must be unique amongst all Case Folders already created by users in your practice, and if the reference you select has been used before you will asked to enter another.
  • Choosing to create a Priority Search application will take you to the View/Add Folios screen to select the folio required.


Selecting the folio for a Priority Search

  • It will not be possible to select a folio due to be created by a pending First Registration application, until registration is complete.  A Priority Search is only appropriate to registered land and should not be requested in this instance because the title to the land is still unregistered.  First registration (FR) of the land will take effect from the date on which registration is finalised and not the date of lodgement of the FR application. 
  • Any deed affecting the land should therefore be registered in the Registry of Deeds to secure its priority before subsequent registration in the Land Registry.


Supplying Priority Search Transaction Information

The following fields will be displayed below the folio details (note that ALL are mandatory):

  • Folio you have already selected for the application. 
  • Your stored Practice details, as they will appear on your application.  This is the address of your practice as recorded by the LPS Registration. You should ensure that all details held are up to date. 
  • Name of Purchasor/Lender/Lessee.
  • Contract Date fields (no future dates are permitted).
  • List of Contract Types available for selection (Purchase, Lease or Lend money on security of a charge).
  • Selection of all or part of the folio for the Priority Search.  Selecting ‘Part’ will require a description of how the land is shown on the map supporting your application, which you will be asked to upload on when you submit your Case Folder.      You will be able to upload up to 10 maps to support your application, and will be able to name each map. The description of how the land is shown on the map should take into account the number of maps you intend to upload, and the name you will give to each.   For example, if you entered ‘edged by a red line on Map A, edged by a blue line on Map B’, the following text would be shown on your application:   I certify that Mr A Client is a party to the contract dated  01/03/2013 to purchase that part of the land in the above folio shown on the map(s) supplied with this application as: edged by a red line on Map A, edged by a blue line on Map B.
  • Date from which the Priority Search is required (this should be the date of the latest entry on the folio). 

Creating your Priority Search Form

When you have completed your Priority Search transaction, use the green button at the bottom of the page to generate the Form.  You will then be taken to the Case Folder screen, where the Priority Search form will be available in the 'Progress and Documents' panel.
If you are happy with the form, you can then continue to submit your Priority Search application to LPS Registrations.

Submitting your Priority Search Application

When your Priority Search form has been created, you will see a green 'Submit' button on the Case Folder screen.
If you have indicated that the search relates to part of a folio, you will be asked to upload a map.  You may upload up to 10 maps for a Priority search, and files must be in PDF format.
NOTE that there is no requirement to print out documents and forward physically to LPS Registration as is current practice with standard registrations. Priority Search submissions via E-registration are totally electronic.

How your Priority Search Application is Processed

As soon as submission has taken place, you will see your Case Folder appears in your list of Folders with a status of ‘Case Accepted’.
This means that all of your Priority Search information (including any maps) have been passed to Land Registry when you confirm submission, but your application will not be processed until Land Registry begin to process all other applications received by them on the same day. 
Where it is necessary for the Land Registry staff processing the Priority Search to raise a query with the applicant the application will be returned via surface mail.  The resubmitted application must be lodged via surface mail.
Once your application has been successfully processed by Land Registry, an acknowledgement email will automatically issue.  This will confirm lodgement and will also advise whether or not pending applications exist up to the current working date.  The current working date is displayed on the List of Case Folders screen.  The date advances only once all applications for registration for a specific date have been recorded unto LandWeb.  

Viewing the outcome of your Priority Search 

When you receive the email notifying you that your Priority Search Results are available, you should log in to E-Registration and check your list of Case Folders.
Priority Search applications with a status of ‘Results Avail’ will be shown directly below any Rejected or Abandoned Case Folders, with the status displayed in red. Alternatively you can search for folders with a status of ‘Results Avail’ via the 'Filter/Order List' panel. 
Opening a Case Folder where the status is ‘Results Avail’ will take you into the Case Folder.  The 'Progress and Documents' panel will show the documentation created when you first submitted your application, plus the results from the search, and an Uncertified Copy Folio, if relevant.  The Case Folder then automatically becomes ‘Completed’, and cannot be withdrawn or amended.