Folios can be found by carrying out a folio number search, or by searching for folios registered to a specific  owner name

You can also find folios by looking at the list of objects in an area on the Land Registry map.  This list of objects includes a link to view each freehold and leasehold folio.

You will be charged to view each folio within Landweb Direct.  You can then view the same folio any number of times within the same day, without being charged again.

Schedule folios
A schedule folio is a type of folio, used principally by local authorities, government departments and NIHE which includes all the land owned by the body in question in any one county.
Over the years, most of the schedule folios have become very cumbersome.  They are awkward to work with and difficult to inspect.  For this reason, schedule folios are not available for viewing over the internet.  Instead, they can be viewed at LPS Public Counters, with assistance from LPS staff if necessary.
Rule 6 of the Land Registration Rules (NI) 1994 made the following provision for schedule folios:
6. Any folio maintained in the form known as a Schedule Folio and existing at the commencement of these Rules may be continued in that form save that no further land shall be added therein.  A Schedule Folio shall not be opened after the commencement of these Rules.