Inside your Case Folder

Case Folder screen

When will you see this screen?

You will be brought to this screen for any of the following reasons:

  • You have created a new standard case folder.  When you first create a case folder, you will be directed to this screen (via the View/Add folio(s) screen if you indicate existing folios will be used) to begin adding transactions.
  • You have opened a Rejected or Abandoned case folder.  When you open a case folder that has been rejected or abandoned by Land Registry you will be directed to this screen to view the reason for rejection/abandonment (any associated documents will be listed in the Progress and Documents panel) and to resubmit the case folder to the Registry after undertaking the necessary remedial action.
  • You have just completed a transaction. Whenever you complete a transaction you will return to this screen.  You may need to generate the form for this transaction, and you may also add further transactions to the case folder.  When all transactions required are complete and Forms have been generated (where applicable), you can begin to submit your application to Land Registry.  Please note that only users with the correct role are able to submit applications. You will be advised if you do not have the required permissions to submit an application, in which case you should request assistance from the user in your practice with full access.
  • You have opened an ‘In Progress’ case folder.  When you open an ‘In Progress’ folder, you will be directed to this screen to continue working on your transactions or submit your case folder.
  • You have opened a case folder already submitted to Land Registry.  When you open a case folder with a status of ‘Submitted’ you will be directed to this screen and may review your transactions, although you will not be able to make any changes.  It is not possible to add or delete transactions once the case folder has been submitted.   An option to withdraw this case folder will be available on this screen, providing Land Registry have not already started to process the application.

Folio(s) selected for this case folder Panel

  • Panel shows the folio(s) already available for use within this Case Folder, with the option to add/remove folios.  

Progress and Documents Panel

  • Panel shows the forms you generate for your main transactions, and the Form 100E produced when you submit your application to Land Registry.  
  • Re-generating a Form for a 'main' transaction (i.e. Forms 1,9,10,11,17,Priority Search) removes any previous version, therefore only the most recent version of the file is available.
  • If you choose to generate a Form in Duplicate or Triplicate, two or three generation events appear on the Case Folder Progress and Documents screen - a separate event for each form.
  • The Registry may choose to share certain types of documentation via this screen.  If new correspondence warning you that a Case may soon be abandoned has been made available for you to view online within the past 30 days (and you have not yet viewed this online), you will be advised of this via red text at the top of the screen. 

  • Click on the name of any form or correspondence item to open a new Adobe Acrobat viewer window containing the document as a pdf file.  You may then save the document by clicking on 'Save a copy' at the top of the viewer window, and/or print the document by clicking on the  symbol.
  • This panel also allows you to monitor the major events in the life of the case folder, including a record of  Case Folder creation, submission, withdrawal, abandonment, rejection, acceptance, completion, availability of Priority Search results.

Transactions Panel

  • You will  see a list of transactions available for you to add to your Case Folder, plus any transactions you have already added to your case folder, with the appropriate fee (if known).   
  • Clicking '+' alongside any transaction will display information such as the folio(s) affected, or parties involved.  
  • Note that within a Priority Search Case Folder, you will only be able to Add a Priority Search transaction when your Case Folder is empty.  It is only possible to have a single Priority Search transaction within a Case Folder.
  • Each time this screen appears, the latest fee due for each transaction will be calculated.  This is purely indicative until you submit your Case Folder to Land Registry.  If your transaction has not yet reached the stage where a fee can be estimated, 'tbc' (to be confirmed) will be shown in this column.
  • Status:  All transactions will show a status of 'In Progress' until you successfully supply all of the information required by the system.  Once all of the information has been supplied, the status shown will depend on the type of transaction.  First Registration, Transfer/Transfer of Part and Assent by Personal Representative transactions will show 'Ready to Create Form', at which point you should follow the guidelines for Creating Forms.  Following this, the status will change to 'Form Created.   Secondary transactions will show 'Complete' and do not require any further action.
  • If the case folder has not yet been submitted, you may choose the 'Delete transaction' option.  It is only possible to delete transactions from Case Folders which have not yet been submitted to Land Registry.  If the case folder has already been submitted, you must withdraw it before attempting to delete transactions.
  • First Registration, Transfer/Transfer of Part and Assent by Personal Representative transactions which have reached the status 'Ready to Create Form' or 'Form Created' will also show an option to create a new version of the PDF Form 1/LD1/9/10/11/17.

Changing your Case Folder Reference

  • When you create a case folder, you are asked to provide a reference for the folder.  This reference is free text and you may use any format you wish, although it is recommended that you use a unique identifier that links back to your in-house filing system.  The reference you allocate must be unique amongst all Case Folders already created by users in your practice, and if the reference you select has been used before you will asked to enter another.
  • It is possible to change a reference you have previously allocated via a link at the top of the Case Folder screen.