Frequently Asked Questions

Land Registry Searches
The system cannot find the owner name I'm looking for.  What do I do?
The name you enter must match the one that appears in the database exactly.  Names may appear on the database in a different format to that which you have entered.  It is possible to use a wild card in your search to handle possible differences, including; alternative spellings, use of titles in owners' names, degrees and other qualifications, special characters and long names.  This involves using '%' to replace one or more characters that may be present in a name.
If you are sure the name you are searching for is correct and no names are returned, this means that there is no land currently registered for the owner name chosen. You could then search for the owner in the Registry of Deeds.
How can I search for a folio that is jointly owned by two people?
Owner names are listed individually within landweb direct, regardless of whether they own property jointly with another person. If you wish to search for joint owners, you will have to perform searches for each of the joint owners separately.  Click here for help on searching for an owner.
How do I carry out a search in a rural area where there are no significant features?  Does a search via Townland work?
When searching rural areas where the search is not against a property it is advisable to use the OSNI Irish Grid Map Reference for the area, if known.  If the land in question is near to a property it may be possible to carry out the search using a combination of the property address and townland name.  A search using townland only, may return all map tiles affecting the townland if there are a relatively small number of properties in it.
Why are boundaries printed in incorrect colours on my copy map?
If a printed copy map shows boundaries in different colours to the same map when displayed on the screen, it is possible that the level of toner in your printer cartridge is low..  
Low toner levels can have a detrimental effect on the clarity of the colours output by the printer, and can lead to documents being misinterpreted.
Before printing official documents from landweb direct you must ensure that your printer toner cartridge has sufficient ink to perform the task fully and without compromise.  Some printers provide software to allow you to check the toner levels from your desktop, please consult your printer software documentation to see how to do this.  Furthermore printer documentation should be consulted to determine the minimum toner levels that ensure clarity of colour, should this level be reached then the cartridge should be replaced.

How can I check the charges made against my account by landweb direct?
The charges you incur within a session of landweb direct can be viewed at My Accounts > Session Summary.  A number of reports also allow you to view transactions made by yourself, and other users of your account (where you have the authority to do so).