Electronic download of copy folios, maps, memorials and sheet extracts

You can request copies of maps, folio, sheet extracts and memorials using Landweb Direct.

If you request electronic delivery of a copy, you will be advised via email when the copy is available from your Downloads area within Landweb Direct.   

If the document you request is unsuitable for electronic delivery (for example it is too large), you will usually be advised of this when you place your order, and a paper copy will be sent to you via post.

If there is a problem producing your copy for electronic delivery, you will be advised via email that your request has been converted to postal delivery.

Please note that documents remain available for download for 10 days after they are first placed within your download area.  You should ensure that you download documents within this time period, or it will be necessary to make a new copy request, thus incurring a further charge.

The Map prints available for retrieval are produced in either A3 or A4 format, the format is identified on the screen.
It is important that the map is printed using the recommended printer settings.
Failure to do so could result in the map being distorted in respect of its published scale and may mean that it will not be accepted by Land and Property Services should it be lodged as part of a later application submission.
As Land and Property Services has no control over the equipment which you use to print maps it cannot guarantee or give any warranty as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of maps printed at your location.