Adding Transactions

Transactions are added inside your Case Folder.

If a Priority Search is required, you should specify this when creating the Case Folder.

If the Case Folder is NOT for a  Priority Search, there are four transaction types that result in Deed Forms:

  • Transfer/Transfer of Part
  • First Registration
  • First Registration of Publicly Owned Lands 
  • Assent by Personal Representative

The other transaction types do not result in Deed Forms and are split into 3 categories:

Register New...

  • Agreement
  • Amalgamation of Folios
  • Application for the Determination of Limited Ownership
  • Appurtenance (Claim Of)
  • Bankruptcy Inhibition
  • Notice of Bankruptcy Petition
  • Boundary Agreement
  • Caution
  • Charge
  • Charge for Substituted Security
  • Charge for Substituted Security Without Fee
  • Charging Order Debtors Interest (Notice of Order Charging Land)
  • Conclusive Boundary Agreement
  • Deed of Covenant (not contained in a Deed of Transfer)
  • Death of Joint Tenant
  • Deed of Postponement
  • Deed of Variation
  • Easement
  • Inhibition
  • Lease (for 21 years or less)
  • Lease (for more than 21 years)
  • Notice of Deposit
  • Matrimonial and Civil Partnership Charge
  • Objection
  • Option to Purchase
  • Order Charging Land (Debtors Interest)
  • Pending Action
  • Register Caution Against First Registration
  • Registration of a mapped burden
  • Registration of a Trustee in Bankruptcy in place of the Official Receiver
  • Registration of an unmapped burden
  • Right of Residence
  • Standard Transfer of Charge
  • Sub - division of folio
  • Transfer by Northern Ireland Housing Executive Transaction
  • Transfer Purchase of the Co-ownership Interest

Amend/Cancel/Release/Withdraw (existing registration)...

  • Application to dispense with Production of Certificate of Charge
  • Cancellation of a Burden
  • Cancellation of a Lease (Burden or Leasehold Folio)
  • Cancellation of a Pending Action
  • Reclassification of Title
  • Rectification of Registry Error
  • Release of Option to Purchase or Discount Charge
  • Release of a Right of Residence
  • Release of Charge
  • Update Folio Entry Details
  • Update Registered Owner Details
  • Withdrawal of a Caution
  • Withdrawal of a Caution Against First Registration
  • Withdrawal of Inhibition

Request Certificate/Copy Map/Copy Folio...

  • Certificate of Charge
  • Certified Copy Folio
  • Certified Copy Map
  • Duplicate Land Certificate
  • New Land Certificate
  • Uncertified Copy Folio
  • Uncertified Copy Map
  • Updated Land Certificate